Appellate Court Performance Measures

Appellate courts have long sought a set of balanced and realistic administrative performance measures that can be readily implemented and used by the courts’ leaders and managers. The six Appellate CourTools performance measures were designed by the National Center for State Courts to meet the unfulfilled need for a well-targeted set of indicators on how well appellate courts handle cases, treat participants in the legal process, and engage employees.

Measuring court performance can be a challenge. Understanding the steps involved in performance measurement can make the task easier and more likely to succeed. The Appellate CourTools support the effort to improve court performance by:

  • Clarifying performance goals
  • Outlining a measurement plan
  • Documenting success

Overview Brochure
   Implementing Appellate CourTools  
   Measuring Appellate Court Performance  
M1: Quality of Services Survey
M2: Time to Disposition
M3: Clearance Rates
M4: Age of Active Pending Caseload
M5: Court Employee Satisfaction
M6: Reliability and Integrity of Case Files