Reports from Courts

The appellate courts listed below have implemented use of performance measures. You can also view a summary of the initial results from courts that pilot tested the Appellate CourTools measures.

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ArizonaArizona Court of Appeals Division One publishes their measures here

Maryland - The Court of Appeals and Court of Special Appeals adopted time standards in 2013. Analysis of the courts' case processing times are published here:

Michigan - Clearance Rates for the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals and Case Aging are published online with other innovative judicial branch measures. 

Minnesota - Timeliness measures for both the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals are published as part of the state's Performance Measures: Key Results and Measures Annual Report.

MontanaAnnual CourTools performance measurement reports beginning in 2008.

Oregon – The Court of Appeals pilot tested an early version of Measure 1-Constituent Survey and published the results.

Utah - View clearance rate and time to disposition results from Utah's Supreme Court and Court of Appeals here.

West Virginia - The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals reports on its Clearance Rate on pages 5- 6 of this report.