CourTools Integration

Case Management Systems The following court case management systems offer an implementation of performance measurement based on CourTools. This listing does not constitute an endorsement of any kind by the National Center for State Courts. Further, the list is not exhaustive, but represents information that has been supplied by the vendors themselves.

(Vendors - don't see your CourTools product? Let NCSC/CourTools know!)
Journal Technologies: Of the ten CourTools recommended by the NCSC, Journal Technologies has implemented six tools directly into the
JustWare | Court case management solution.
Tyler Technologies: CourTools performance measures can be integrated into the Odyssey case management system as part of Tyler's business intelligence solutions.

Trial Court Performance Measures

Courts have long sought a set of balanced and realistic performance measures that are practical to implement and use. The ten CourTools performance measures were designed by the National Center for State Courts to answer that call. Measuring court performance can be a challenge. Understanding the steps involved in performance measurement can make the task easier and more likely to succeed. CourTools supports efforts toward improved court performance by helping:

  • Clarify performance goals
  • Develop a measurement plan
  • Document success

Overview Brochure
Implementing CourTools
Why Measure? 5 Reasons
M1: Access and Fairness
Access and Fairness Survey (Spanish)
M2: Clearance Rates
M3: Time to Disposition
M4: Age of Active Pending Caseload
M5: Trial Date Certainty
M6: Reliability and Integrity of Case Files
        7a Ensuring Fairness in Legal Financial Obligations  
        7b Management of Legal Financial Obligations  
        7c  Fair Practices for Legal Financial Obligations  
M8: Effective Use of Jurors
Jury Manager Toolbox website
M9: Court Employee Satisfaction
M10: Cost Per Case