Reports from Courts

The appellate courts listed below have implemented use of performance measures. You can also view a summary of the initial results from courts that pilot tested the Appellate CourTools measures.

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Arizona – Arizona Court of Appeals Division One published CourTools Performance Measures and Reports between 2009 and 2016 here. Since 2017, the Court began reporting on-time standards within the annual reports here.

Maryland - The Court of Appeals and Court of Special Appeals adopted time standards in 2013. Annual analysis of the courts' case processing times are published here.

Michigan - Clearance Rates for the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals and Case Aging are published online with other innovative judicial branch measures.

Minnesota - Timeliness measures, the Access and Fairness Survey, and other measures of performance for both the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals are published as part of the state's Performance Measures: Key Results and Measures Annual Report. See all annual reports here, under the Tab 'MJB Performance Measures.'

Montana – Publishes quarterly CourTools performance measurement reports.

Oregon – The Court of Appeals pilot tested an early version of Measure 1-Constituent Survey and summarized the results in this 2008 report (page 5).

Utah - View clearance rate and time to disposition results from Utah's Supreme Court and Court of Appeals here.

West Virginia - The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals reports on its Clearance Rate in its annual statistical reports and its Caseload Quick Reference Facts at the bottom of this page.